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This group is born form the union of Fab Expert, Techni-Service, PG SCF and Systèmes BCBF inc. Each of these companies is recognized in their respective field by their great skills developed over the years, including: computer equipment for Fab Expert, management of networks and servers for Techni-Service the development of management software for PG SCF and the sale, repair, maintenance and legal certification of truck and industrial scales as required by Measurement Canada for Systèmes BCBF inc. The arrival of this group will aim at strengthening our overall service offering.

Inside Groupe PG, each organization is autonomous, but acts in synergy within the group. Together as a group the best equipment, software and services can be offered to meet the rising expectations of our customers. This grouping can count on the expertise and skills necessary to assist and support our clients in all stages of their projects related to information technologies, including the implementation of turnkey financial management solutions. Individually each entity is dominant in its field, but together the combined efforts are pushing the organization forward!

Finally, the Groupe PG can count on a team of multi-disciplinary management members who has the experience necessary to complete every project. This team is of course supported by attentive and qualified people who care about customer satisfaction. The quality of our personalized customer service is an important asset for the Groupe PG.

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1980: Foundation of Programmation Gagnon by Thomas Gagnon, aiming at developing software applications for the private sector and the municipal one in Quebec. Forestry applications and the financial ones for the private sector are regrouped in a department and later on in a specialized division of the company. Programmation Gagnon grows and becomes successively PG Systèmes d'Information, PG Mensys, PG Govern and today PG Solutions.

1998: Techni-Service is founded by Alain Lavoie to provide technical and networking services for the Quebec market.

2002: Fab Expert is founded by Mr. Pascal Gagné, whose mandate is to offer computer components in all of eastern Quebec. Today, Fab Expert is serving the Quebec market with its products.

2004: The private department of PG Govern officially becomes PG SCF, a separate entity whose focus is to offer cutting-edge software to clients in the private domain and forestry.

2007: Mr Pascal Gagné and Fab Expert acquire PG SCF in order to make it a leader in software development.

2008: Techni-service joins FabExpert and PG SCF to complement the range of services offered. These three entreprises operate separately, have a different image but share the same objectives.


  • Official formation of Groupe PGSCF
  • Acquisition of the "FELIX" Solutions

2012: Announcement of an investment of approximately $ 1.3 million for a new invoice management solution, the full integration of wood procurement in the private sector with the public sector and better integration between the management and mass/volume systems.

2013-2014: Deployment of a new technology infrastructure and the launch of new IT products tailored to the customer's needs.


  • Acquisition of Systèmes BCBF inc. (sales, repair and maintenance of truck and industrial scales, as well as legal certification services required by Measurement Canada)
  • New name for Groupe PG


  • Acquisition of the compagny Évo Technologie


  • Sale of assets of the Balance System Division B.C.B.F. inc.


Developing quality products and services that meet the increasingly higher expectations of our customers and the market while maintaining profitability of our business and maintaining a pleasant and stimulating work environment.

Enjoy your visit, the Groupe PG team

Management team

Pascal Gagné - CEO

Mr. Pascal Gagné holds a degree in marketing and has been involved for over 20 years in specialised marketing business solutions in the field of Information Technology (IT) for organizations in the public and private sector in Quebec and eastern Canada.

His professional experiences have led him since then to participate actively in the development, evolution and the implantation of new IT products for the corporate and forestry sectors, including medium and large organizations. Over the years he has developed a customer oriented approach focused on their business concerns in order to increase productivity and control costs.

Today, Mr. Gagné has taken charge of the Groupe PG to accelerate the growth while maintaining the high level of customer satisfaction, because

Alain Lavoie - Director of the Information Technology division

Mr. Alain Lavoie holds a degree in electrotechnic as well as other computer certifications ensuring competence and versatility in several areas. He worked for over 20 years in the service sector, his primary goal is to evolve the network of his clients by integrating new technologies that allows customers to continue their growth without worrying about the technical aspect of their network. His career started by assembling computer, doing printer maintenance, and network cabling. A logical progression came in the form of IT asset management and in the implementation of servers. He is proud to join the Groupe PG as Director, Technical and Networking Division. Together we offer comprehensive assistance to clients, like our slogan says

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