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$ 1.3 million investment in the forestry IT sector

Rimouski, December 11th 2012

Mr. Pascal Gagné, president of Groupe PG, is proud to announce that the PGSC software division will invest more than $ 1.3 million in information technologies projects intended for the forest industry of eastern Canada.

This investment will finance the development of a new inventory, order, and billing software package. This innovative software will integrate the latest features that information technology has to offer and will manage the various types of measurement units used in the wood industry. This project will be an opportunity for, PGSCF to improve the efficiency and the versatility of its integrated procurement management solution.

Although the North American forest industry has gone through an unprecedented crisis over the past seven years, this investment demonstrates PGSCF’s commitment to offer the forest industry adapted and efficient tools which meet and exceed its specific needs. Eventually, in about twelve months, PGSCF will be able to propose a modular solution unique in Canada, which manages the procurement processes from scaled wood data collection at the roadside to the production of the sawmill financial statements.

PGSCF is currently well positioned in eastern Canada and other countries with active clients in Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick, Maine and Finland. With this major investment, PGSCF consolidates both its leading position in the development of software solutions for the forestry sector and over 21 jobs at its offices in Quebec city and Rimouski.

Please visit the following link to access the full content of the press release.

Pascal Gagné, CEO

Groupe PG



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