April 6 and 7 2017

PG SCF will be attending the Annual Convention of the Quebec Federation of Forestry Cooperatives (FQCF) to be held at the Lévis Convention and Exibition Centre

May 18 and 19 2017

PG SCF will be attending the Annual Convention of the Council of the Québec Forest industry Council (QFIC) to be held at the Hotel Le Concorde Québec.

March 18th, 2010 - Major acquisition for Groupe PG SCF

Considering the important challenges the Wood Industry is currently going through and the consolidation process facing our clients, we believe that the Information Technology companies serving the industry must also consolidate their forces and expertise in order to continue improving the products and services that they offer.

In this context, and with a will to better serve our clients, I would like to announce, as CEO of PG Corporate and Forestry Solutions (PG SCF) that we have proceeded on February the 26th with the acquisition of the “FELIX” Solutions for the Wood Industry from Exact Modus. With this transaction we are convinced we will be a stronger and better partner for our clients.

We truly believe that this transaction will strengthen the bond with our clients and will make us a crucial supplier for your company. We are now in a position to offer you a more integral solution through a complete service offer and through the quality, efficiency and expertise of the products and services that we will make available to you.